Excessive Sweating




Excess sweating, not related to temperature or exercise, is hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis can occur at any time, anywhere. Usually, sweat will accumulate so much that it will soak through your clothing. Thankfully Botox Medical is an FDA-approved treatment to treat excessive sweating and keep you dry and in control.

Sweating is normal and necessary for a healthy body. We need to sweat to regulate our body temperature and filter toxins. However, what do you do if sweating becomes too much and affects your quality of life?

Sweating more than normal is hyperhidrosis and affects the underarms, palms, scalp, groin area, or feet. In addition, there are cases when hyperhidrosis affects larger areas of the body.

The causes of hyperhidrosis vary. You may have a genetic predisposition from primary hyperhidrosis to secondary hyperhidrosis from an underlying health condition like hyperthyroidism, obesity, or Parkinson’s disease. You can’t prevent hyperhidrosis, but you can treat it.

Botox injections control hyperhidrosis. When Botox is used to stop overactive sweat glands, Botox blocks the nerve signals responsible for sweating. So, if you have hyperhidrosis, you get Botox injections in the areas of concern. Most injections are well-tolerated, especially when used for excessive underarm sweating. Sweat glands in the hands and feet are also controlled with Botox injections. Studies also show that Botox is very effective in forehead sweating too.

Our VI Provider will apply numbing cream to the treatment areas up to one hour before the Botox injections. Then, the area is cleaned, and several injections using tiny needles are administered. The procedure is not long, and you only need one office visit.

There are few side effects, but some patients report swelling, tenderness, and bruising immediately after the treatment. However, Botox is safe for hyperhidrosis as long as an experienced and certified practitioner performs the treatment.

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