Acne Boot Camp with Face Reality


Clear Skin Is Calling...

The Face Reality Acne Bootcamp is an intensive 3-6 month program that provides acne sufferers an affordable and safe way to get clear skin while gaining education, and changing their lifestyle to stay clear long term. Whether you have adult onset acne, hormonal acne or teenage acne, this program is perfect for those who have been suffering from moderate to severe acne for months or years, and continue to struggle to get clear or stay clear.

This program involves commitment emotionally, financially, and mentally. Your acne specialist will work with you on all areas for a total lifestyle change to include; a skincare regimen, bi-weekly treatments, dietary suggestions, beauty product changes, and more! You will have access to weekly follow-up calls with your acne specialist to make sure you are on track and have the support you need throughout the entire process. To get started click below to fill out our application. Our acne specialist will then be in touch with you to discuss the next steps towards clear skin!


The Acne Program is for you if....

  • You struggle with moderate to severe acne
  • You've tried countless things to get clear but get little to no results
  • You've tried countless medications in the past but your acne keeps coming back
  • You've lost hope and feel like you will have acne for the rest of your life with no relief


You will be successful in our Acne Bootcamp if you're willing to...

  • Make changes to your diet, lifestyle, beauty products, and any other life areas we find may be contributing to your breakouts
  • You are willing to invest in your skin financially and mentally for several months
  • You understand that it can take several months to start to see your acne clear and can be patient throughout the process
  • You are committed to the long term maintenance that it takes to maintain clear skin
  • You are able to commit to weekly meetings and bi-weekly treatments with your specialist
  • You can fully commit to achieving clear skin and all areas of the Acne Bootcamp
  • You are willing to discontinue the use of prescription acne medications, creams, drug store products, and possible beauty products




If you’re ready to take the next step towards clear skin, complete the Acne Bootcamp Application. Our Acne Specialist will follow up with you within 1-2 business days to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss the next steps of the Acne Bootcamp.



We’ll discuss your skin and health history. We’ll analyze your skin, conduct a skin sensitivity test, and make recommendations for your homecare routine. We will then discuss a treatment plan, and any lifestyle adjustments needed to achieve results. We will also go through education on how acne works, how it is triggered, and how it clears. We will also schedule all future bi-weekly acne treatments right away.



As soon as you commit to the program you will start your product routine, make the recommended lifestyle adjustments, and come in for acne treatments bi-weekly. Your acne specialist may make adjustments to your routine and treatments in order to keep your skin progressing throughout the program. Your acne specialist will be by your side throughout this program and is there to support you and make this process easier.


  • Consultation: $100
  • Initial Customized Homecare Set: $130+
  • 6 In-house Bi-Weekly Treatments: $100/each
  • Weekly Follow-Up Calls: Included

Add Ons:

  • Add on Chest or Back Treatments: $50/each
  • Adjustments To The Homecare Routine May Need To Be Purchased To Continue Progress

Once the skin has cleared our acne skin bootcamp graduates will receive a microneedling discount to address any acne scarring and uneven texture. This allows a complete skin transformation!