New Glarus


"Knowledgeable, experienced and so very kind"

What an incredible first time experience! The Service was better then I could have ever asked for. Everything was gone over from health to expectations; and the experience I was so grateful to have! I am looking forward to continuing my journey with the staff as they were so incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, experienced and so very kind. The process was explained from beginning to end as well as what to expect. Thank you so much, I look forward to telling others about my experience and sending others your way!!!! - Susan G

" A wonderful experience"

Miranda was phenomenal! Had a wonderful experience! Would see her again - Clye R

"Very honest and straightforward"

Life-changing. That’s how I would describe my experience with VI. Teresa is amazing. She’s very honest and straightforward about treatment options and what they can and cannot do, but she’s also incredibly compassionate. She feels like your cool, kind-hearted aunt who will give you real talk but also remind you that you’re beautiful. I got Botox for my forehead wrinkles, and it was probably the second-best investment I’ve ever made, second only to my degree in computer programming. Why? So glad you asked.

1)Headaches. Immediately. Gone. Migraine who? I don’t know her.

2) Oh no there’s an emergency! Everybody is freaking out! Everybody except for the one who just got Botox and is literally incapable of making an anxious or upset facial expression. Look how calm she is on that Zoom call. Look how Zen. She’s definitely got this.

3) Age ambiguity. How old am I? Oh, I’m just a girl about everyone’s age. Wanna get margaritas this weekend?

Honestly, I would highly recommend Venustas Immortalis to anyone, especially if you don’t think cosmetic injections are for you. I didn’t think it was for me either but look at me now: living my best migraine-free life with resting zen face and the confidence to match with 25-year-olds on Tinder. (Though I can't say I recommend actually doing so.) Thank you so much VI! - Ray R

"Great professionalism"

Great professionalism and an overall good experience. I love working with them because they help me reach my skincare goals by listening to my concerns and we find a course of action together. - Todd H

" Very Knowledgeable"

Great experience. Very knowledgeable! - Amy R

" Honest"

Amazing! Honest and helpful - Becca R

" Highly recommended"

Expert advice on skincare! Time is taken for consultation and no pressure! Highly recommended! - Dana N

"I appreciate the insight and knowledge the aestheticians have provided"

I've been wanting to have microneedling done for the longest time. Unfortunately I had to wait a couple of months before my acne cleared. I was eventually suggested to try a chemical peel and a month after that I did my first microneedling treatment. I understand it will take time to see significant results but I can already say that my pores are not as large as they were before, my scarring is starting to fade a bit, and the texture and tone is beginning to improve which I'm happy about. I will continue with the microneedling and I appreciate the insight and knowledge the aestheticians have provided along with the services.

"Teresa is Fantastic"

Teresa is Fantastic- honest and continue of your wants and needs without making you feel pressure, she is conservative but has the expertise to know what will work best for your situation. - Alexandra J