Vitamin B-12 Injections

Vitamin B-12 Injections

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Vitamin B-12 Injections

Give your body a natural energy boost with a Vitamin B-12 injection and end your reliance on stimulants like coffee and energy drinks. Whether you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, supplement your diet or manage your B-12 deficiency, this vitamin injection can help.

Vitamin B-12 can aid your body in regulating your sleep, mood and appetite cycles and give you a boost of energy that lasts. Delivered intramuscularly the Vitamin B-12 injection bypasses the digestive system for immediate effects that leave you feeling re-energized.

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Vitamin B-12 injections are typically used as a treatment for a certain type of anemia (pernicious anemia). In this type of anemia, people lack intrinsic factor in the stomach which is necessary for the absorption of the vitamin.

Vegetarians (especially vegans)are also given shots of B-12 since their diet is low in animal products, the primary source of B-12.

People with chronic fatigue or anemia require weekly to monthly injections of vitamin B-12 usually because the oral form is not dependable.

Vitamin B-12 shots are most effective when taken at regular intervals (usually weekly or monthly). A regular schedule to receive the injections can be customized to each individual.

The body’s ability to absorb vitamin B-12 is reduced with increasing age. Older people are often detected to have a more potent vitamin B-12 deficiency, even in cases where they do not suffer from pernicious anaemia.

Methylcobalamin (Methyl B-12) is a unique form of vitamin B-12, which is more readily converted into the coenzyme forms than conventional cyanocobalamin. Mehtylcobalamin also readily binds body stores of cyanide.

Deficiency of vitamin B-12 can lead to abnormal neurologic and psychiatric symptoms including ataxia (shaky movements and unsteady gait), muscle weakness, spasticity, incontinence, hypotension, vision problems, dementia, psychoses, and mood disturbances

Benefits of B-12

More energy, mental alertness and stamina for everyday tasks Healthier immune systems Improves sleep Increases metabolism, thereby aiding in weight loss Reduces allergies, stress and depression Improves mood stabilization Lessens frequency and severity of migraines and headaches Helps lower homocysteine levels in the blood, thereby reducing the probability of heart diseases and strokes